SCIENCE KIWIS is a Registered Charitable Trust based in New Zealand.
NZBN: 9429049318968
Incorporation Number:  50065067
Status: Registered



Inspiring Science Kiwis through STEM education.

Science Kiwis is a group of Kiwis that have come together to help raise scientific knowledge and understanding in young Kiwis.

Science Kiwis provides STEM education resources for Primary and Intermediate Schools, Teachers and Students.

We believe science is for everyone and want to help everyone increase their scientific knowledge.

With the growing popularity of STEM education globally and more and more schools implementing STEM learning into their curriculum, we wanted to provide a platform so that any school, teacher, or student could access quality free STEM resources that have been created by brilliant scientists, extraordinary engineers, marvelous mathematicians, creative coders and ground-breaking industry leaders of technology.

We have found that STEM education is a great way for kids to learn and have fun, creating strong social skills and the ability to work together.

Science Kiwis is a group of Kiwis that have come together through their passion for science and technology to help raise the scientific knowledge and understanding of our Kiwi Kids.

We set out to help Kiwi kids reach their potential, to be leaders on a global stage, and shape the future of science, as so many brilliant Kiwis have done before.

We knew to help Kiwi Kids be the best we needed to find a way they could learn from the best. We achieved this by bridging the gap between the creation of information in kids’ education in the classroom and the knowledge that is in the brilliant minds from around the world.

We have bridged the knowledge gap and connected the minds of innovative leaders in the science and tech industries around the world and give that valuable information and knowledge to the kiwi kids which we hope will create a Science Kiwis to Save the World.

We found a way for Kiwi Kids to access ground-breaking science, technology, engineering ideas, concepts, knowledge, and experiments that are fresh, new, and cutting edge. This ensures that the skills they learn are relevant to these modern times, instead of being stuck back in 1999. This will give them the skills they need to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

We want to inspire a Science Kiwis of Kiwi Kids that can use their talents to Save the World.

We would like to thank all the brilliant people, Organizations, and Companies we reached out to all over the world that have taken the time and collaborated with us and worked to create a very special, very unique resource that every Kiwi Kid can have for free.

We would like to give a big special thanks to our main supporters who have provided the resources to make this dream of Science Kiwis and turn it into reality.

JASON society

JASON society Research – International NGO

JASON society Research – New Zealand Office of the NGO

JASON Research


Life Coach New Zealand

Life Coach Whanganui


Zero on High

Zero Hair-cutters

Bird Toy Joy


Thank you for supporting Science Kiwis.

We are currently still in the stages of creating our website, we have so many more experiments and lessons to come.  Come back again soon and learn something new.

We are still in the testing and research stage with our STEM kits, if you would like to be a tester for our science experiments then get in touch and let us know.

Simply send us an email with the subject line ‘Science Kiwis Tester’ and let us know your name, age, address and what type of subjects and topics are your favorite.

We are still in the planning & development stage…
if you represent a school if you’re a teacher in a Primary or Intermediate school if you run an after-school or holiday kids program we would love to hear from you and work together at inspiring a Science Kiwis.

If you love STEM education, science experiments, and helping out a good cause, come and volunteer.  If you have an hour a week or even a month then we’d love for you to come to join us and help inspire Science Kiwis.

…or if you would like to partner with us or collaborate with us or volunteer we would love to hear from you, get in touch today.

All information and experiments on this site can be downloaded and used for free by any school, teacher, student, or parent.


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