Creating a brilliant Science Curriculum

Creating a brilliant Science Curriculum

A brilliant curriculum consists of providing students opportunities to grow in two key types of skills in both an individual and collaborative approach.

1.  Working Scientifically

2.  Designing and Making

In our research of over 100 primary school teachers, there were several key findings that teachers thought a brilliant curriculum consisted of.  

They where:

  • A great curriculum emphasizes the importance of starting with children’s own ideas

  • A brilliant curriculum encourages curiosity

  • An awesome curriculum allows for learning through interactions with objects and materials, and their classmates

  • An engaging curriculum uses real-life contexts to plan an engaging primary science curriculum

  • An exceptional curriculum has ideas and topics to be structured in a logical learning order.

  • An excellent curriculum is relatable by students, if students cannot easily relate to the curriculum, then there is the risk of students disengaging

  • A tremendous curriculum makes great use of observation skills

  • A fantastic curriculum gives opportunities to predict and make a hypothesis

  • A terrific curriculum creates opportunities to design tests, experiments and carry out investigations

  • A wonderful curriculum encourages the accurate recording of results

  • A marvelous curriculum provides opportunities to analyze data and results and platforms to communicate their findings

  • An extraordinary curriculum includes opportunities to participate and contribute to knowledge

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