Reflection of lessons

Reflection of lessons

Reflection at the end of a student’s day is a great way to help concrete information into their brain and increase retention.

It is also a valuable resource for us teachers for our future lesson plans and to see where kids excelled and where kids struggled with the learning of the day.

Reflection can be done in many ways from a simple class discussion, class Q and A or a more in-depth student reflection sheet

An example of a basic reflection sheet can be found below – Both picture and downloadable document.

Two of the most important reflection questions:

1.  What did you find confusing today?

This question can help you assess your teaching and how clear your explanations were.

It can help you identify where you need to expand your explanations in the future.

It can help you highlight the information that you may need to go over again for your students to clearly understand.

2.  What can you do with what you learned today?

This is important to see that your students understand the knowledge.

It is one thing to memorize knowledge for a test it is completely another thing to understand it and be able to use it.

It is important that students know how the knowledge can be used in real-world situations, this is a great motivator in the retention of information.

Day of Learning Reflection Sheet

What surprised you today?


What was the most important thing you learned today?


What did you want to learn more about today?


When were you creative today?


What made you curious today?


What did you find confusing today?


What can you do with what you learned today?


What stood out for you in what you learned today?


What were 5 things you learned today?








Downloadable PDF:

Day of Learning Reflection Sheet



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