What is the Sun?

The sun is a star

Is the sun big or small?

The sun is bigger than the earth

What does the sun produce?

The sun gives our solar system light and heat

What is the sun made of?

The sun is primarily two gases hydrogen and helium

What powers the sun?

The sun’s energy is from Nuclear Fusion

How long does it take for the sun’s light to reach the earth?

It takes sunlight 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach the earth

Where did the word sun, come from?

The word comes from the Old English sunne

What direction does the sun rise and set in?

The sun rises in the East

The sun sets in the West


Sunny Funny Sun Jokes

Why did the sun go to school?

To get brighter


What holds up the sun?

Sun beams


What did the sun do at university?

It got a million degrees


What do you call a sunburned librarian?

Well Red


I was up all night wondering where the sun had gone…

And then it dawned on me.


What does the sun drink out of?



The first Humans saw the sun go up and then back down in 24 hours…

….and so they decided to call it a day


Why did the teacher wear sunglasses?

Because her pupils were so bright



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