Branding Empire


Branding Empire

Every time your customer interacts with your brand, they build up a perception of how they feel and think about you as a business

What is a Brand?

A brand is specific to its product, service, collection, company and helps promote it by being recognizable by its customers

Why is it important?

It represents a company’s identity

It adds value to the company 

It builds trust with its consumers

Builds a companies credibility

Creates user loyalty

Emotionally connects consumer with product / service

It’s used in the companies strategic plan

It’s used in the companies advertising

It’s used in the companies marketing

It’s used in the companies promotions

It’s used in the companies sponsorships

It’s used in the companies public relations

Parts of Branding Design:


Shape of symbols

Colours – Colour Meaning

Font Style


Pictures Style / Theme

Language Style 




URL – Website and Email domains


Company Documents (Docs, Reports, Invoices, Statements etc)

Business Cards



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