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ScienceKiwis Educator Workshops & Demonstration Days




ScienceKiwis have created a series of workshops and demonstration days that are packed full of the most interesting, surprising, jaw dropping, eye poping (Eye Popping is actually one of the experiments…) funny, fun and surprising STEM experiments and activities that are specially crafted, specifically designed  for teachers and educators.

Our workshops and demonstration days can be tailored to suit to the times, days, length of time available to the number of people; along with any other variable that your organization may have, after-all we are scientists at heart, variables are what we do.

ScienceKiwis workshops / demonstration days cater for small groups of as little 3 – 5 people through to as many as 100 and every number in-between.

Typically we can run a day / half day long workshop or demonstration day or a quick fire workshop or demonstration which can be as short as half an hour at lunch or staff meeting to a hour or two after that 3 pm bell.

We know how hard schools struggle financially; one of the core missions of ScienceKiwis is removing all the barriers between schools, teachers, educators and STEM education.  We know that cost is commonly a barrier so we don’t charge schools and education organizations for these demonstrations or workshops.

Yes you read that correct, we run the workshops and demonstrations for free (yes, seriously)


Why are ScienceKiwis so passionate about teacher development workshops and school demonstration days?

Once you know how to do something, you know how to do something.

Why educators should attend a ScienceKiwis teacher / educator development workshops and school demonstration day and what do they include?


It gives teachers and educators the chance to see how easy STEM can be; it allows conversations to be had that need to be had, about the techniques and methods of teaching STEM and the research behind why they are so successful and are being included all over the globe in more and more schools; it creates a space for teachers to ask questions and get some answers, an opportunity to go that step further than just learning how to do a STEM experiment or activity and go the full distance in knowing how it works and why and any other little curious question that comes to mind.


The best thing about out workshops and demonstrations (other than getting to play with some really cool, interesting fun experiments and activities with the teachers) is that teachers and educators gain the biggest and most important resource in becoming a brilliant STEM teacher; they gain CONFIDENCE.  


In all our Research studies we found that teachers and educators having confidence in themselves and what they where doing was the number one factor that was a barrier – when confidence was lacking, to the number one driver of the most effective teachers and educators – when confidence was high.


Our workshops and demonstration days give teachers and educators the chance to be hands on and try the activities and experiments; to play around with them and experience the techniques and methods while learning the depth of knowledge of the ‘behind the scenes’ of how and why it works; along with the possible subjects and topics within their planned lessons, where it will enhance or demonstrates a learning opportunity of required targets  of a curriculum.


Our specially crafted and specifically designed development workshops for teachers and educators are the perfect learning opportunity; providing explanations and demonstrations of many STEM activities and super cool science experiments that are easily included into current curriculum which creates a more interactive learning experience and increasing the depth of knowledge retention among students.


Do our teacher / educator workshops or demonstration days sound like they could be helpful to your school or organization?


Would they help create a greater confidence for your fellow teachers and result in a higher use of STEM education in classes?


If you would like to organize a workshop or demonstration day for your school or organization or have any further questions or queries then give us an email and lets get talking.


Email: and let us know where your school / organization is based and we will organize your local ScienceKiwis to get in touch as soon as possible

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