Qualities of a brilliant Science Teacher

Qualities of a brilliant Science Teacher

In our research study to find out what makes a brilliant science teacher for primary and intermediate-aged kids, we found 5 general qualities that all the top teachers all had.

1.  They were great at engaging students.

This was done with things such as a teacher demonstration experiment at the beginning of a lesson that would surprise the kid’s curiosity and also commonly used where class brainstorms and class discussions

2.  Encouraged curiosity by encouraging students to ask questions

3.  They knew and understood their students learning styles

By knowing the learning styles of their student’s teachers could easily adapt lessons to include more or less of certain styles of teaching

4.  Brings science alive

By including real-world applications and real-world scenarios to challenges and experiments students could see how and when this knowledge would be of use to them

5.  Ongoing professional development and training


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