An explosion is the sudden conversion of potential energy, either chemical or mechanical, into kinetic energy by the production and release of gas under pressure.

These high-pressure gases can then provide a way to do mechanical work such as moving, changing, or shattering nearby materials.

There are 3 main types of explosions.

They are combustion explosion,  burning explosion, detonation type explosion.

3 Types of explosions:





Explosives are devices made to create explosions.

Explosives usually fall into one of three categories

3 Types of explosives:




What’s does each type do?

A mechanical explosive requires a physical reaction often using pressure

A chemical explosive requires a reaction between substances which can sometimes, depending on the chemicals create poisonous gases which is why this type of explosive is used the least

A nuclear explosive releases a huge amount of energy such as a nuclear bomb or nuclear energy

Explosions and explosives are a great and fun way to learn about concepts such as gases, chemical reactions and pressure.

Have an interesting investigative time trying our explosions below; some like the sherbert experiment, where the explosion is the release of Carbon Dioxide gas; are multi-sensory – with the help of a mirror because you can see the explosion, taste the explosion and feel it on your tounge as it’s happening! 




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