If your a teacher, teachers aid or training to be a teacher this page is a great place to start

Are you wanting some great ideas for your classroom lessons, activities, worksheets, experiments, STEM challenges, games, STEM recipes, concept cards and teachers notes?

Head to our STEM Topics page and then click on the topic you want to check out and you will find heaps of helpful resources and stuff to create the coolest class lesson in school and free downloads 


Are you wondering what STEM is all about?

Check out our What is STEM guide


Are you wondering what the benefits of STEM education are?

Have a look at our page all about the benefits of STEM education


Are you wondering about the achievement aims your class needs to reach?

Check out our easy to understand Achievement Aims page

Are you wanting to include te reo in your class?

Check out our Māori page with beautifully illustrated translation cards for key topics, words and concepts


Free articles and advice

Science Kiwis has put together a bunch of articles based on the ScienceKiwis research results of the best advice, tips, and tricks for teachers.


Check them out:

Creating a brilliant Science Curriculum 

Get kids curious

Including STEM into your curriculum

Inquiry Based Learning

Qualities of a brilliant Science Teacher

Questioning Questions 

Reflection of lessons

Student led learning

Student Retention Research


Teacher Bonus page for perfect printouts for lots of teacher stuff like attendance, certificates, course plans, and timetables


Do you want to organize STEM training for your teachers?

Check out our page about free Educator Workshops & Demonstration days

We can do a free STEM assessment and plan for you and your classroom and all the awesome future fun times you have ahead.


Does your school need help with STEM resources?

Check out our Help for schools page

Want to help us with our research into STEM education?

Head along to our Research Questionnaire for teachers

Want to start building your own STEM school kit?

Check out our School STEM kits page


Are you thinking about using STEM in your curriculum or class?

We are here to help you with any questions you have

Give us an email at admin@ScienceKiwis.org and let us know where you are based and we will get a local ScienceKiwi to give you a call 

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